New Publication in the European Journal of Organic Chemistry

In the invited mini-review in EurJOC, Yang and Michel analyzed the field of Pd-catalyzed hydroformylation!

Hydroformylation of alkenes and alkynes with syngas represents a method of choice to furnish valuable aldehydes with 100% atom-economy from readily available building blocks. Although the field is dominated by Rh- and Co-catalysis; complexes of many other metals were also shown to be catalytically competent. Here we review the studies of hydroformylation under Pd-catalysis, starting from the seminal reports up to the most recent examples. Special emphasis is paid to the unique regio- and chemoselectivities of Pd-based methods, which are difficult to achieve with the conventional hydroformylation protocols. Different mechanistic proposals are presented along with a summary of their experimental andc omputational support. Finally, the user-friendly methods using surrogates of syngas are discussed as well. Overall, the mini-review aims to present unique opportunities and remaining challenges of Pd-catalyzed hydroformylation reactions for their prospective applications in fine-chemical synthesis.

Congrats to all!